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Cami Boehme
Chief Executive Officer

Named to the Direct Selling News “Most Influential Women in Direct Sales” well before the age of 40, our inspiring CEO has been motivating people to identify and fulfill their deepest potential since she was a 23-year-old assistant professor at Utah State’s University Huntsman School of Business. Today, Cami brings depth and breadth of experience to Viv, as a former board member and Chief Strategy Officer of a $744 million energy company, and a former Chief Operating Officer of the 59th largest direct sales company in the world. A widely respected leader in the sustainable energy space, Cami is a charismatic, in-demand speaker who has served on numerous panels of experts, most notably at a White House energy forum. But if you ask her what she considers to be the highlight of her career, she’ll most likely talk about the joy of working alongside her team and local villagers to bring sustainable energy and clean water to remote, off-grid communities–an achievement made possible through the global initiative she helped found.



Gardening! Any day I get my hands in the dirt is a good day and I've never met a flower I don't love.

I love adventure and am always up for something new, especially if it involves travel and new places.

When my kids grow up and move away I will miss music in the car at unreasonably loud levels.