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Bulletproof data backups.

Encrypted. Automated. Sharable.

Whether it’s music, photos, project files or tax returns, everyone relies on data. But few people have the necessary safeguards in place to protect against data loss, and very few backups operate continually. That means you’re probably going to lose data.

With CloudCache that all changes. You get security and peace of mind for your data.

How does
it work?

CloudCache data backup services provide enterprise class remote data backup solutions including backup, sync, and share capabilities that support data security and recoverability across any number of devices. Plus, you get unlimited data storage for personal use!

Unlimited storage for personal use.

You get unlimited storage with CloudCache, so that you won’t need to clog up the memory in your computer by saving files directly to your hard drive. Keep every file you need safe and secure in one place.

Automated syncing to the cloud.

Our flexible sync solution ensures all important documents, pictures, music, movies and other files are in constant synchronization among any number of devices. What’s more, this system includes historical versioning and retention of deleted files for as long as you need them.

Share your files and collaborate with others.

Create as many Share Rooms as you’d like and collaborate with others. Your files will always be available on the cloud, and accessible from any device by you or those to whom you give sharing and editing permissions.

Online encrypted backups.

CloudCache uses state-of-the-art encryption technology to back up all your files automatically on the cloud. This means you are the only person who can see your files after you log in with your secure password.

Encrypted access to everything. From anywhere.


Unlimited storage for personal use, automatic syncing and much, much more!

included in the

Pro Membership


Or purchase CloudCache
separately for just $14.99/month

State of the art encryption (Mac, Windows and Linux)

Unlimited personal data storage (literally, unlimited!)

Automatic backup and retention of deleted files

Constant data syncing across multiple devices

Unlimited sharing of any files

Unlimited private Share Rooms

Easy restoration process

Latest technology to safeguard your data


Why would I purchase CloudCache?

We make backing up data simple and secure with state-of-the-art encryption, cross-platform support, automatic backup, historical versioning and retention of deleted files for as long as a member may need them. Our flexible sync solution ensures all important documents, pictures, music and movies are in constant synchronization among any number of devices. In addition, CloudCache members can distribute all file types, including documents, music, movies and pictures in private Share Rooms. Members can create as many Share Rooms as they need—there’s no limit! Trust CloudCache for peace of mind and the knowledge your data is in the safest hands possible.

What is the cost for CloudCache?

CloudCache is $14.99 per month for a single subscription, or purchase with any 3 or more Viv Lifestyle Products and save 50% on each product, meaning you pay just $7.50 per month for CloudCache!

Is it really unlimited data storage? What's the catch?

Yes, it really is unlimited data, but is restricted for your own personal use.  You can store as many personal files, photos, videos etc as you like.

So the catch?  We clearly state personal data storage, so there is no catch, but please note that CloudCache is not available for business use.

What is FileSync?

FileSync is a software that you receive with your membership that will automatically sync your data among all your devices.

What is File Sharing and Share Rooms?

File Sharing allows you to share files among family, friends or work colleagues in what we call Share Rooms. You can set-up as many Share Rooms as you like and choose who can access the Share Rooms.

Can I set my data to back-up automatically?

Yes! One of the key features of CloudCache is the ability to set it to automatically sync your computer data to the cloud. If you ever have a crash, you can have the peace of mind knowing your data is regularly being backed up regularly, and that you can then restore the data from the last back-up point.

Is Secure Data Backup HIPAA compliant?

The short answer is—yes. The Secure Data Backup client and server environment contain all the appropriate technical security mechanisms to protect the data that is transmitted to and from the Secure Data Backup servers. In fact, the Secure Data Backup ‘zero-knowledge’ privacy environment was built specifically to handle this task. However, we do not currently employ a HIPAA compliance officer for self-certification.

The services provided by Secure Data Backup do form a critical part of Data Backup, Disaster Recovery and Emergency Mode Operations strategies by providing remote accessible backup, storage and restore services that are geographically distant from the client site to minimize the likelihood of data loss in a large-scale disaster. In the event of loss of the primary data center, data located on the Secure Data Backup cloud can easily, securely and quickly be accessed and restored.

Covered entities are required to comply with the HIPAA Administrative Simplification Security Rule since April 21, 2005. Secure Data Backup, as part of a comprehensive security plan, can be an important part of your compliance strategy.

I just want to speak to a human for product help. Is there a direct number I can call?

Yes! The contact details for CloudCache will be detailed within your member portal when the products are live. We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service!

When will I be billed again?

With your monthly CloudCache subscription, you will be charged automatically each month on the anniversary of when you enrolled.  For example, if you enrolled on the 1st of the month, you will be charged again on the 1st of each consecutive month.

Can I see my billing history?

Yes, your full billing history is available from your online member portal. You will receive instructions on how to access your account right after you sign up. All your Viv product and service subscriptions are in one convenient place.



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