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How can we make your life better?

We take the hassle out of managing your energy choice and help you save with our flagship product, AutoPilot. With MediCall, we connect you with a doctor within minutes to get a quick prescription for your sick child. We’ve got you covered with lifestyle services like ConSeal, RoadSide, or TechRescue that protect your identity, provide roadside assistance, technical support or more. And with all of this and more in one simple login for you to manage, and deep discounts when you bundle, you will enjoy complete peace of mind with any of Viv’s products and services.


We contribute 1% of revenue to help support and provide essentials like clean water, health services and economic initiatives that allow a community to grow and prosper.

People are

And we are listening. The buzz is building about Viv. See what people are saying about our products.

Drew CarlineRhode Island

AutoPilot sheds a new light on energy deregulation. There are so many suppliers to pick from and AutoPilot solves the problem of WHO to pick!

Cheryl SchneiderNew York

The tech support and credit monitoring services make me feel so much better about things—I just have no idea how to manage that. Plus, I am AMAZED by the pricing. Viv IS the cooler, better way. Thank you!

Jeff SalmoneseNew York

I don't have time to look for energy rates online and keep up with them. Who has time? I love that Viv offers technology to manage my energy—revolutionary technology!

Kelly McCarthyConnecticut

It's the One At A Time initiative that attracted me to Viv. To know that every time I turn on my lights or use any of my other Viv services, I am making life better for someone in the world. That really matters to me.

Ed CuyattiConnecticut

I love that Viv is all about the customer! There are so many companies out there with great products but not a focus on customer. It's nice to know that Viv is not only providing a product that is superior, but a customer experience that is superior as well!